So, you want to know about Craig Pifer.
I have been making photographs in one form or another for well over 30 years. As a teenager, I fell in love with the image making process when I saw an image materialize before my eyes in the darkroom. I spent two years in the newly formed photography club, serving as president my senior year. In college I took the one photography course available to me during my freshman year, served as a photographer on the campus newspaper staff for two years, and assisted with the advanced photography class that was offered my senior year, although class conflicts prevented me from actually taking the course.

I photographed my first wedding the day after college graduation. The following years included a number of weddings, family portraits, senior portraits, and more.

Spending several years employed for a local camera store kept me up to date on new technology, informed of new (to me) techniques, and gave me a chance to see some of the latest equipment as it hit the market. It was an ever learning environment that I am lucky to have been part of.

In more recent years, my photography has focused more on the world around us, and less on people, however I'm still available for portraiture on occasion. Photography has been my passion for many years and will likely continue to be for many years to come.
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